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Bloc is the most advanced delivery app providing only tasty food with an affordable price and faster delivery.

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The client
BLOC is an online mall & delivery app that makes life easier for busy people throughout Cambodia. Through the use of our app, people can order their favourite foods and products and have them delivered to their doorsteps within a few minutes.

“Life is so better with Bloc delivery service
Nothing can beat the swift delivery we provide.”

The challenge
Bloc is a food delivery app that delivers food to your door in a timely manner. Bloc has the best user-friendly interface and has a seamless user experience. To get the best user interface for the Bloc app, Coolbeans investigated and surveyed the most appropriate icon usage and quick way to make an order in the delivery app. As a result, Coolbeans created the Bloc app, which fulfilled both the client's and the user's expectations for a food delivery app.
Unique experience
Bloc is designed to be a super app that allows users to explore and buy nearly anything with a smooth animations that has an eye-contact design and a unique user experience. More importantly, the promotion and free delivery are simple to see, ensuring that the user does not miss any of the app's promotions.

"Extra attention to
detail design principles"

Leave it all
on the screen.


Cart screen, easy
than ever.

All the elements is on the cart
screen, easiest and quickest way
to order mutiple food from your
favorite restaurant.


Faster, safer, simpler
online checkout.

Just a few seconds to checkout
your favorite food from your
favorite restaurant.


Now, it's just about
time to wait your food.

Track your driver afer your order
has been accepted, Lost him?
Call just a click.


Order again?
Just go to order history.

You can order again from your favorite
food from your favorite restaurant
in order history page.
The result
Coolbeans created one of Cambodia's most popular delivery apps. Many people enjoy placing an order with the Bloc delivery app, which has an elegant interface and an easy-to-identify icon, according to most users.


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