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Multi-platform mobile application for your business? Responsive website to show off your company? Or beautiful graphics to promote your team? We got you covered. We are providing a range of services from Mobile to Web application, while keeping our eyes on those beautiful and modern design principles.

Mobile Apps

Mobile application is always our core service because we know it’s important for your business.

Mobile Games

We love building games just as much as we love playing them (oops). We have been working with several 2D games, and 3D one is our next target.

Web Development

If you have web browser, you can browse the web. That’s how convenient it is, and that’s why we believe your company will need it.

UX/UI Design

We love beautiful design and we know you do too; that’s why we care so much about our design principle. We want to make your product stand out from the rest.


As more and more people connected to Internet, the chance to sell your products online is becoming bigger and bigger. Having an e-commerce site done right, your customer will be able to engage better with your business.


Some products we have been working on

SmartNas Mobile App

Mobile App

Bloc Delivery

Mobile App

Digital Cambodia


Development Innovation DC


Swift Freight Logistics


NEC Election Training


Education Game

Mobile Game

AIA Income Replacement

Mobile Game

Coca Cola

Brochure Design


Mobile App

Get Your Sexy Back

Mobile App

Gold One Computer

Mobile App

Chatime Cambodia

Mobile App


Mobile App

Sanofi Food Hunter

Mobile Game

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